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Cool story bro.

New Romance - Miles Fisher from Miles Fisher on Vimeo.

New Romance - Miles Fisher
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Things I want to make

Hi y'all,

Haven't written in a minute. Short list on what I want to make in the near future.

Ox Tail Sinigang (Ox tail w/ broccoli and potatoes)
Nikujaga (Japanese stewed meat and potatoes)

Soooo good. Until next time.

I been collecting one too many of these:

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Thanks to my friend, I now have a new job in SF. As many of you probably don't know I was working part time for the longest time, waiting to find the next full time opportunity.

Well fast forward 8 months later I'm working in north beach in SF. I guess I enjoy the change in scenery. My new job is a tedious one, however I now feel better about myself knowing that I can spend money and not be afraid of going broke.

On other non-related news, I placed 1st place on a SSF4 tournament my roomies and I held with a couple of good friends. We had a blast, and it was full of laughter and surprise upsets. I wish we could do this all of the time, but Maria would get mad at me so once every few months should suffice.

I have an -assumed- allergic reaction to something and now my palms and fingers have red itchy blistering clear liquid filled dots on them...FML.

Have a glorious day everyone.

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It's Always Stormy In Tillamook

Just go, Just walk away,
so bittersweet, you're already far away.
Take with you, our memories
They're opening like summer flowers.

Don't you be fooled
I loved you more, than I would ever dare tell you, I'd ever dare tell you.
I'll let you go, I'm only holding you back,
You're more than a small town, you're more than a small soul.
Close those pretty eyes. Don't look behind.
What did I tell you? That past is past, don't let it follow you.
Don't think, that by any day....I'll forget your face.
How could one forget you?

Hard to let go of something once you get hold of it...once you get hold of it, ya.
Don't you think for a moment....that you aren't worth all of it.

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Cool video

Cool video

Just something I found that brought a smile to my face
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First post of march yay :D

Hi Kiddies,

All is well in Chan town. I've been slowly working my life away at my new part time job. I'm doing sales & marketing for a super start up. 8 people in the company...3 in India, and 5 in the office, gnarly isn't it?

I haven't seen my girlfriend for almost 2 or 3 weeks, and we've been arguing about funny things on the phone. Like who should go see each other and how she made a little diary journal booklet about words I say a lot. Come to think of it, I've never realized that I overuse these particular words so much. It's hilarious to me that I use those words frequently. Ask Maria and she will tell you the list and give you very good examples on how I use them in casual conversation.

I've been spending a lot on VTA, but I finally got myself a VTA sticker from associated students! woot saving myself around 760 dollars buying that sucker. This job has also made me walk a lot more, so hopefully when I leave this place I will be a pound or ten lighter.

I also became Elite on Yelp C/O 2010! woot! Now I can invite people, who wants to be my +1? Yeahh! It's cool because I feel like we can explore so much more being Elite since the network is huge. I'm sure I will be delighted to meet these new folks as well as trying new drinks and foods.

I also recently got to see my current favorite band Sleeping With Sirens in Orangevale, CA. A whomping 2 hour drive, got to see Masaru's hometown, pretty as hell over there and way less ghetto than Man Jose. It was worth it, I got to give Kellin (the lead singer) a handshake.

My preordered poster, t shirt, and album came in the mail recently too, so now I'm set.

I also went to F.A.M.E (fashion, art, music, exhibition) it was down 11th street at the women's club society thing place. I met a lot of cool people, and there were a lot of good looking people, dancers, freestylers, and artists. I will totally go to the next one whenever they have it again, I think it's semi annually. Good stuff.

Thanks I'm still alive for anyone who reads this. Good day all.

Sleeping with Sirens
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Valentine's day is coming up, so I thought I'd share this awesome video.

Celebrating my girlfriend's birthday was one of the best times I've had in a while. Fun fun fun. Good times.
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